Pregame Smack Talk: Preds vs. Craig Leipold


Like Dan Ellis, I’ve come to stir the pot…

Indifferent to the Minnesota Wild? Planning on sitting on your hands tonight? Try again.

  • What the heck is a “wild”? Who names a team after an adjective? A North Star was a thing – it’s still a thing. It’s the freaking North Star. We even had an affiliate for them in Nashville – the South Stars. Ryan Suter’s dad played for them. I like Wild Berry Skittles. I’ve heard of Girls Going Wild…Is Marek Zidlicky supposed to lift his shirt when the cameras come around? “Minnesota Wild” sounds like something that tastes a little gamey…and was probably killed by Greg Zanon’s beard. Sorry, he’s the enemy tonight, but we still can’t deny the fact that Greg Zanon could take Chuck Norris 11 times out of 10.
  • Remember when Craig Leipold said he was going to spend a season in Section 303? He came up, sat for a period in row N in his Greg Johnson jersey with some photographers and then was never seen again. He also wore a Greg Johnson jersey almost TWO YEARS after Greg Johnson had left the team. You would think that at some point in his ownership of the franchise, we would be able to get an updated jersey.
  • No one ever remembers that Craig Leipold was rumored to be in talks to move the Preds to Houston before the team even got here. Leipold denied it…but as we later found out, he denied a lot of things that weren’t exactly untrue. Lo and behold…where is the Wild’s AHL affiliate located? Houston…and they’re also owned by Leipold? Curious. I’m surprised anyone in Minnesota tolerated Texas having anything to do with their team. Be very, very wary, Wild fans, I hear Craig’s gold-plated BlackBerry ringing.
  • Craig Leipold forced David Poile to dump Tomas Vokoun off in Florida a mere week before his no-trade clause kicked in. Tomas Vokoun – our world class goaltender – sent to the freaking Southleast Division to waste away and get hit in the head by his own players who get frustrated at their own incompetence. There’s blood on your hands, Craig Leipold.
  • Considering that Craig Leipold tried to dump this franchise off to a person who was very, very, very open about his intention to relocate a team to Canada. You want a reason to root against this team? Look no further than Mr. Greg  Johnson jersey. He tried to take your team away. And now his team is coming into YOUR HOUSE. What are you going to do about it Pred fans?
  • Seriously…what is a “Wild”?

Fuqua out.

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  1. Capt4Chris

    March 10, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    LOL good post.