Pregame Smack Talk: Preds vs. Quebec’s Stepteam


If you’re not with 303, you’re with the trolls…

Indifferent to the Colorado Avalanche? Planning on sitting on your hands Saturday night? Try again.

  • The Colorado Avalanche were originally the Quebec Nordiques. The Nordiques were a holdover from the World Hockey Association. The franchise was originally the San Francisco Sharks, but they relocated to Quebec City before the team even played a game due to Festival Tennessee-esque dealings with the original owners. That’s right – they were the Sharks before the Sharks existed.
  • How bad were the Nordiques? They could not survive in Quebec. It takes a special brand of genius to make hockey fail in Canada. The Leafs sell out every single night even when they are hopeless. The Nordiques couldn’t make hockey work in freaking Quebec, so they decided to move to a city where the NHL had already failed.
  • A failed city? Why yes, thank you for asking. Denver had already been home to an NHL franchise – the Colorado Rockies. No, Dante Bichette didn’t play for them. The Rockies played in Denver from 1976 until 1982 when they realized that there was one place better than Colorado that they could go to…so they ran away to the greener pastures of New Jersey. That’s right, the Rockies felt that New Jersey was a better place than Colorado. Not only that – they wanted out of Denver so badly that they had trying to get to New Jersey since 1978. When New Jersey is a better alternative…it’s not a great advertisement.
  • Speaking of the Colorado Rockies – this is the baseball team’s mascot. It’s a triceratops. Because when I think of Colorado, I think of purple dinosaurs.
  • Coors Light sucks.
  • Seriously. How does hockey fail in Quebec? It’s like the little engine that relocated.
  • The Avalanche’s AHL affiliate is the Lake Erie Monsters. Oooo. They are located in Cleveland. I’m shaking in my boots. Is the Lake Erie Monster a purple polka dotted triceratops? One thing’s for sure – if it’s in Cleveland, it sure isn’t a championship.
  • They hired Joe Sacco as their head coach. I’m fairly certain someone up top in the Avs’ front office thought they had said “Joe Sakic” but misheard the name. In his two seasons in the AHL with Lake Erie, coaching the exact same players that would be coming to Colorado, Sacco managed to coach his team up to the 3rd worst record in the league in his first season and the 6th worst record in the league in his second season. While most franchises would be thinking – wow, this isn’t working…instead, the Avalanche reacted by saying PROMOTE THAT MAN. So now the Avs are stuck with a guy who could not even slightly succeed in the AHL as the guy who is supposed to replace Joel Quenneville.
  • Oh yeah, the Avs fired Joel Quenneville. They then replaced him with Cammi Granato’s brother. Certainly the same person who eventually accidentally hired Joe Sacco thought they were hiring Cammi. There is no way that they intentionally hired a coach that they had already fired in 2004. Good thing they got rid of Coach Q though, since he’s gone on to accomplish what exactly? Oh…yeah.
  • Two words: Claude Lemieux.
  • In 1994, with the 12th overall pick, they drafted…Wade Belak. They drafted Wade Belak before they drafted Milan Hejduk. They passed over Tim Thomas, Evgeni Nabokov, Tomas Vokoun and Steve Sullivan and drafted Wade Belak in the FIRST ROUND.
  • Seriously – they failed in Canada.

Fuqua out.