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One of the most famous cellmates had no intention of ever being so.

82 year-old Eudora Hunter faithfully attended every game with her son, Charles. “For the first two seasons, I would notice her there sitting like a statue, with this shy little grin in the midst of all our chaos,” recalls Hollingsworth. “I kept thinking to myself ‘what on earth can we do to get her involved?’

Then it dawned on me that she could become our own Larry “Bud” Melman (an odd little old man that used to make regular appearances on David Letterman). So, I asked Eudora one night if I gave he a silly sign, would she be willing to hold it up? Then I would have Tom, one of the roving in-house TV cameramen, come over and get a shot of her for the jumbotron.

The first sign I gave her was Mike Watt Is a Hottie (he was a call-up from Milwaukee who had Tom Cruise-like good looks). When that image was shown on the big screen, the arena erupted into laughter. I knew we had something good going with this. So, every game I would come up with another silly saying for her to hold up stone-faced for the camera.

Some of the most hilarious were:

  • I let the dogs out
  • Fear the Mullet!
  • If it wasn’t for hockey, I’d still be married
  • I be getting’ all up in yo grille
  • The more you disapprove, the more fun it is for me
  • Puttin’ on the foil, Coach
  • I like the cut of his jib
  • Chaos, panic, and disorder…my work here is done
  • He looked a lot better in the chat room.

Eudora’s popularity grew with each passing game. Kids would come up to get her autograph…it was great,” recalls Hollingsworth.

Eventually, the Predator management even incorporated her into television spots, having her play the recurring role of a fictional version of Scott Hartnell’s grandma in the “Smashville” campaign.

Sadly, Eudora passed away in the fall of 2003. The section honored her empty seat the remainder of the season with flowers and momentos. Many attended her funeral. Even Predators front office staff paid respects at her internment.

In Memory of Eudora

In Memory of Eudora