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Game 1 Review: Goodbye Curious George (Series 1-0)

Nashville is the team that never gets the calls, never gets the bounces, and was never able to win on the road.

Key word in that statement: was.

A lucky bounce helped Jean-Pierre Dumont get on the scoreboard in the third period, and lifted a Nashville team to unfamiliar territory..

Rather than recap the game and the excellent viewing party at Blackstone (courtesy of 104.5 The Zone and Sports Seasons), Ben Butzbach beat me to the punch, and gave a much better read than anything I could create:

By 715, with the restaurant at standing room only, the atmosphere was almost electric. And at the same time, I think more than one person started popping tums or Rolaids.  I know I was sure wishing for some.   Codey and Jeremy from Section303 did a great job of throwing the crowd over the top. LETS GO PREDATORS cheers started erupting.

FINALLY the puck dropped, and at that moment, I think the atmosphere changed, we weren’t just a couple hundred people sitting in a restaraunt with a game on. We were a couple hundred friends getting together to watch a little Playoff hockey.

His full post is available at:

Enjoy, and I’ll see you SUNDAY @ Bleachers Sports Grill in Franklin (puck drops at 7:30pm).

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