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Calling all Nashville podcasters! The A.I.R. Awards are now recognizing YOU!

Every year, the Nashville chapter of the March of Dimes puts on their annual Achievement in Radio Awards event where they honor the best in local radio.

This year, however, podcasters get a piece of the pie as well.

The March of Dimes has added a “Best Locally Produced Podcast” category this year, marking the first time in the 14 year history of the event that they’ve honored content not specifically played on radio airwaves.

In today’s digital age, this embrace of change within an industry that usually turns a blind eye to technology is only going to benefit the charity. The event’s purpose is to raise money for the March of Dimes and all the families it helps and supports. While the entries are free, tickets to the awards event itself vary in price and, along with the sponsors, all of that money goes to the Nashville Chapter of the March of Dimes.

Broadcasters that regularly attend the annual A.I.R. Awards event are members of 104.5 The Zone, the Thom Abraham Show, Dawson McAllister Live! and Lightning 100, among others. All of these entities should be applauded for their consistency, their commitment and their charitable donations to the cause.

And now you can rub elbows with the best radio broadcasters in Music City and help the March of Dimes. If you’re a regular podcaster here in the Nashville area, you can download the event details, complete the entry form and submit a demo of your best work to the following address:

A.I.R. Awards c/o March of Dimes
1101 Kermit Drive, Suite 201
Nashville, TN  37217

Remember, you MUST include two copies of the completed entry form with your CD entry.

The A.I.R. Awards is the only awards program of its kind, acknowledging talent & achievement on a local level. Furthermore, last year Philadelphia held it’s last A.I.R. Awards, leaving Nashville as the only market in the country still doing the event. With podcasters now able to get in on the action, the Nashville market can hopefully help renew the success of the program.

This is not limited to hockey, or even sports for the matter. If you know of a regularly produced podcast here in the Nashville area, tell them to submit an entry!

The deadline to get your entry in is September 10. So get to editing…


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