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Codey has a face for radio…

The father-son duo of Buddy and Jackson Oakes have invited me to stop by tonight for PredsOnTheGlass Radio.  We’ll be discussing the revival of Section 303’s presence on the web, as well as some Predators hockey.

Also on tonight’s episode will be from Love the Game, Don’t Like Puck Bunnies, Chasta Piatakovas.  She’ll be talking with the Oakes’s about Tuesday’s game with Ovechkin and the Capitals.

The website has a chat room we’ll be able to use as well, so feel free to stop by, listen in, and have questions ready!

Show runs from 7pm-8pm, with podcast available shortly after.  See you there!

Update: You can listen or download tonight’s episode now, feel free to listen in case you missed it!