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It’s no secret that, when the Nashville Predators play an entire 60 minutes of hockey, they’re pretty much unbeatable.

So, with that in mind, based on this tweet from yesterday, we’re providing you with a sign to bring to the game. We encourage you to download it, print it out and stand on the glass for the pre-game skate. Sure, once the game starts we’ll be loud and cheer our hearts out but let’s help motivate our team to victory well before the puck drops as well! Chicago’s got the loud national anthem, well this will be ours!

If you’ve ever brought a sign to a game and put it against the glass when the players take the ice for the pre-game skate, you’ve noticed that the players do take a quick glance at them. Imagine their reaction if every fan along the glass had a sign that said “60 MINUTES!” Imagine the talks in the locker room between the pre-game skate and the opening face-off. Now imagine that you had a part in that talk.

To take part in our little movement, all you have to do is right-click on the files below, print them out and bring them to the game. In addition to the 60 MINUTES sign, there’s also a copy of the chant list that we’ve been putting in every seat in section 303 during the series. We wanted to make sure this was available to anyone who wanted one that wasn’t fortunate enough to sit with us up in 303.

So please, download, print and bring it along. Let’s do our part in forcing a Game 7 where anything can happen.


60 MINUTES sign (download here)

WE BELIEVE sign (download here)

303 CHANT LIST (download here)


Special thanks to Twitter users (and our good friends) @andreamzing for the original idea and @chuckmilam for creating the PDF.