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Preds home opener burned by Flames

Wellllllll….There go our chances for the Galactic Emperor’s Cup (82-0)! Despite outshooting the Dames 43-27, the Preds lose their home opener 3-0. Calgary authored two power play goals, and a third was deflected off of Matty X’s skate for all their offense.

The real turning point of the contest was when the Smashcats had a full 2 minutes of 5 on 3 man advantage and simply could not get one past the Flame-outs’ Mike Smith. Had they been able to convert there, the flow of the game would’ve surged differently. Sometimes you just gotta tip your hat to the other ‘tender.

So, the home stand moves on with a rematch of the two top regular season teams of last year, as the Winnipeg Pets come calling Thursday evening. Should be a kinetic atmosphere at the Big House on Broadway. Let’s go Preds!