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SlapShot Radio to raise funds for local rink Wednesday…

The voices of the Predators are taking to the airwaves Wednesday, June 2 to raise funds for the recently destroyed rink in Bellevue.

Nashville Predators PA Announcer Paul McCann and the TV voice of the Preds Pete Weber are taking their SlapShot Radio show and dedicating an entire elongated WNSR 560AM broadcast to help raise awareness and funds for Youth Incorporated’s decimated roller hockey rink. The show, usually an hour long, will be a full three and a half hours, they’ll be broadcasting live from Pie In the Sky at 110 Lyle Ave. off West End in downtown Nashville and they’re inviting you to come out and join them!

The event officially starts at 5:00pm Central and goes until 9:30pm.

Not only will they be broadcasting their show live on location, Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals will be on the TV’s, most of the Predators’ blogging community will be there and – the icing on the cake – on hand will be several silent auction items that you can bid on, with all proceeds going to the rink rebuild.

Youth Incorporated’s roller hockey program is an important part of growing the sport in Middle Tennessee. The Preds, of course, take care of the bulk of that growth, the numerous high school hockey programs help that along as well but kids have to start somewhere and that’s where Youth Inc.’s inline rinks come into play.

“Rebuilding a rink is an expensive proposition, especially for a non-profit like Youth Inc.,” said McCann. ” Their inline hockey program really drives up participation in youth ice hockey in middle Tennessee and continues to make new fans for the NHL and most especially, the Predators.”

So if you’re still looking for a way to help the community after the flooding disaster, what better way than to help out people who share your passion for the greatest sport on Earth? Come on down to Pie In the Sky off West End on Wednesday and let’s show everyone that we are still, in fact, Nashville.


PHOTO CREDIT: Denise McCann (SlapShot Radio)