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The 303:30 – Puck Daddy, Playoffs, and Canadian Coyotes?!?

In this episode of The 303:30, the guys discuss the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Phoenix possibly relocating to Hamilton, Colin Wilson playing in the IIHF World Championships,  their thoughts on the Return of Radulov, and the Memorial Cup.

Today’s guest is Greg Wyshynski, better known as Puck Daddy from Yahoo! Sports

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Music: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, Salute Your Salution by The Racontuers, Rock On by David Essex, Sweet Home Chicago by The Blues Brothers, and Old Enough by The Raconteurs
Staff: Kent Harris (voice over)

One Comment

  1. Dirk

    May 16, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    Well done as always, guys. I thought Greg made a great point about keeping NHL fans engaged with the playoffs even though their team is out of it.

    And Jeremy, get over the whole “hockey market” thing. Chicago and St. Louis saw their attendance go in the toilet when their teams stunk. It seems to me the problem in Phoenix is two-fold. (1) they’re paying a lousy coach mega-millions, and (2) building that arena was a lousy business deal, and is weighing down the team financially.

    How many days until the Preds open training camp? Yikes…

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