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Wendy’s Drive for Five promotion becomes Score for Four…

Where’s the closest Wendy’s en route home from Bridgestone Arena? You better find out because you’ll need to know come October.

The Nashville Predators and local Wendy’s establishments have teamed up once again for the upcoming season but they’ve thrown the fans a bone. (Or a beverage. Or, whatever.) They’ve made the Drive for Five promotion the Score for Four, meaning whenever Nashville lights the lamp four times in one night, on your way home you can roll by Wendy’s and grab a free Frosty.

If you’re wondering just how much more you’ll be visiting the red haired lady, the Preds scored four or more goals 15 times at home last year. For perspective, they only registered five goals three times at home. So, needless to say, this promotion will benefit both you (free Frosty’s) and Wendy’s (more traffic).

SPECIAL THANKS: Stick tap to Twitter user @AmyPredsFan for the tip.