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What’s Wrong with D2

Traitors. All of them.

Traitors. All of them.

Can you imagine if this summer, right before the gold medal game, the basketball team representing the United States of America – Team USA, if you will – decided in the middle of the game to throw away their jerseys and put on Lakers jerseys instead?

Well, for one thing they wouldn’t do that, but for another, everyone would be wildly confused about why this team that is purportedly representing their country decided that some other logo and team name was more worthy of their representation.

In D2: The Mighty Ducks, Disney expects you to buy this premise. You’re expected to believe that Iceland – a team so patriotic that they have their country’s name on their jersey in Icelandic (or phonetically, we don’t speak Icelandic but Bjork is pretty cool) – is somehow the bad guy because they happen to be very good at hockey.

Spoiler alert, in the final game, the Ducks are getting their tails blown out of the Pond (this is not a pun – the final game of the movie takes place at the building currently known as the Honda Center, formerly known as the Arrowhead Pond). During the second intermission, Coach Gordon Bombay encourages his team to cast aside their red, white, and blue rags and put their Mighty Ducks jerseys on instead.

It seems like John Hoynes could have derailed the whole Bartlet for America train if he had just pointed out this little tidbit of information in the primaries.

The Mighty Ducks turn their backs on America. They are not Team USA – they are the Mighty Ducks, despite the fact that they are playing in a fictional international tournament and are the host country.

The worst part of all of this?

The Anaheim fans cheer them. They cheer them.

Perhaps it’s not all that surprising that this group of turncoats can’t even crack the varsity roster at their high school.

Shame on you, Mighty Ducks. And shame on you, Anaheim.

We deserve better.

Your country deserves better.