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303 QUICK POLL: What are your thoughts to John Buccigross’ tweet?

John Buccigross is one of the few people at ESPN who care — and publicize — the sport of hockey. He’s a current host on SportsCenter and, more importantly to hockey fans, he was the lead host from 1998-2004 of the now-defunct show NHL 2Night.

In short, his opinion carried weight.

So what do you think about his tweet this morning?

Do you think the Nashville Predators should trade team captain and Norris Trophy finalist Shea Weber if they won’t pay him what he’s worth long term? Or do you think they should keep him around as long as they absolutely can and deal with the consequences when he’s gone?

Some things to keep in mind:
* Trading Weber would bring a huge return.
* Trading Weber at the trade deadline won’t bring as high a return.
* Keeping a franchise player throughout his term of service and letting him walk away for nothing is considered foolish.

Leave your comments in the comment field below! What do YOU think of Buccigross’ tweet?