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A Quick Word About 303

Row S, Seats 1+2

A couple of threads on other Preds fan sites have 1) been complaining about the use of “You Suck” in some jeers; 2) declared that 303 needs to retrain the whole arena on how to change the goalie taunt to a specific first name when their last name happens to be the same as one of our players; and 3), bemoan that the Cellblock doesn’t do enough to get the arena going.

So….bear with me as I vent for a minute.

Firstly, we have been doing many of these chants for two freakin’ decades. They are not about to change now. One of our mantras in Section 303 from Day One has been, “If you can’t say something nice, then come sit with us.” It’s hockey…and this sport has always had an edge when it comes to fan interaction. If your tender ears and fragile psyche can’t weather these verbal “onslaughts,” then I suggest you take a trip to Philly, listen to the fans there, then come back and explain how mean-spirited/naughty we are.

Secondly, Filip Forsberg is not going to weep into his pillow when we berate the Blackhole goaltender who happens to share the same name. Scoresberg knows exactly what is going on, and so do the national announcers, as well as those watching on TV. Get a grip.

Thirdly, I get more than a bit weary of people complaining that Cellblock 303 doesn’t do enough, when most of the time those making the critique are probably sitting on their plump, squishy behinds not making a sound except the muffled mastication of stale nachos dipped in yellow house paint being stuffed into their flapping cake holes….and certainly not attempting to start any chants of their own. On average the Cellblock initiates at least 40 chants per game—most of them urging the Predators onward. If you don’t think things are happening to your standards, then, by all means, START SOME CHANTS ON YOUR OWN. Don’t be timid—jump in and get things rolling. Many of us in the Cellblock scream ourselves hoarse by the end of each game, and we certainly would not begrudge anyone else getting things launched.

The Predators are on a historic run of excellence this month, so I find it weird that folks are looking for things to criticize rather than reveling in how well the team is playing, and working even harder to make our home ice advantage one of the best in all of sports.

Let’s Go Preds!