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Be sure to show your country pride at tonight’s Preds game…

Break out the scarves you won at the Gold Medal Game Viewing Party! It’s time to show our Olympians that we’re proud of them one last time!

Tonight is the first Nashville Predators game in 17 days and the fans will be out in droves. The newly named Bridgestone Arena will host it’s first hockey game since March 6, giving fans their first chance to show their appreciation and support of the seven Predators Olympians in 26 days. But, before you drive to 501 Broadway, plan to wear any and all Olympic apparel as the Predators are encouraging everyone to show their country pride.

Whether you have an Olympic jersey in your closet or a country flag hanging outside your house, grab it and bring it to the game. It’s just one way the fans in Music City can show the Olympians that we’re proud of them before we officially turn our attention to the stretch run and the playoffs.

Rumor has it that there will be an in-game presentation and all seven Predators Olympians (yes, even the new one) will be honored at that time. Please come out to the game to not only show your support for the Preds, but also show your support of your country.

Whatever country it may be.

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