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The 303:30 – Preds at the deadline, the GMGVP and filmmaker Tommy Haines

In this episode, Jeremy and Codey talk about whether or not Team USA can beat Canada to take home the gold, the last minute details of the Gold Medal Game Viewing Party, the new arrivals to the giveaway stash and what would happen if the Nashville Predators didn’t make a move at the NHL trade deadline for the second straight season.

The guys are joined by filmmaker Tommy Haines, who makes his second appearance on The 303:30. This time, he talks about his film Forgotten Miracle, the story of the 1960 US hockey team that won gold 50 years to the day of tomorrow’s gold medal showdown between the US and Canada.

Jeremy and Codey would like to thank Thom Abraham of WNSR 560AM in Nashville for his support, involvement and passion for this event. He believed in what we were trying to do with this party and has been on board every step of the way. Huge thanks to Thom.

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Music: Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes), Salute Your Solution (The Raconteurs), Take It Personal (Gang Starr), Players Holiday (T.W.D.Y.), Straight to the Bank (50-cent), Galvanize (Chemical Brothers), Real American (Derringer)

Staff: Kent Harris (voice over)