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Come on Marty, Let’s Go Party…

Breaking News: Martin Erat is officially out of Cellblock 303’s doghouse.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Martin “Spin-O-Rama” Erat is out of the doghouse. Counting the spins, bashing on the pink tape, and discussing the fact Erat gets pedicures have all been comical during the year, but you have to respect the effort that Marty is putting on the ice.

As I write this (after the Predators shoot-out win versus Columbus), Martin has 10 goals on the year and a blistering 17.2 shooting percentage.  I repeat, Marty has 10 goals in 28 games played.  Considering the Predators’ offensive struggles (26th in the league), this stat is even more staggering.   He has been upgraded to the first line with Steve Sullivan and Jason Arnott, and is even seeing time on the Power Play (formerly known as the ‘man advantage’).  Marty has four power play goals, has improved his plus/minus to a -4, and has motivated a team that is still looking for consistency after a fantastic November.

Readers who have checked out The 303:30 know the well-documented frustration that Jeremy and I have had for Erat.  When a player is making $4.5 million a year, on a very conservative Nashville payroll, there are high expectations set.  It’s like Linus said, “There is no Greater Burden Than a Great Potential.” In regard to Martin Erat, that potential is finally translating to the ice.

Thoughts to take from Martin Erat’s recent production:

-Will Martin Erat continue his offensive renaissance?
-Do the Predators have the top-six scorer they’ve desperately needed?
-Is Steve Sullivan on the border of being the new “spin count” victim?

There’s only one way to find out, we’ll see you at the rink.

(Credit to Cellblock 303 resident Patten for the title line).

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