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Contest: Want Tickets to the Season Finale? WINNER ANNOUNCED!!

So, you want tickets to the St. Louis Blues game on April 10th?  You know, the season finale?
The one where you get a free visor from a.d. vallett & co, and have a chance to win the “Shirt Off the Back” of a Predators player?

We’ve got you covered… well, sort of.

Here’s how you can win tickets to the game:

Become a fan of Cellblock 303 on Facebook; and Submit a caption of the photo below.

Thanks to Paul Nicholson

Submit Your Caption - Credit: Paul Nicholson

“Then Legwand, certain nobody else could hear him, began whistling the entire High School Musical soundtrack thru his tooth-hole.”
Darrin Wright, you’re our winner.

Rules (of sorts):

– Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM on Thursday, April 8th, 2010.
– Winner to be announced by 5:00PM on Friday, April 9th.  That way we have time to drop off your tickets to Will Call at the Bridgestone Arena on Saturday.
– If you know that you’re unable to use the tickets, but are chosen as a winner, notify us ASAP so we may move on to the 2nd best entry.
– “Tickets” is defined as two upper-bowl seats for the season finale only.  no rain checks, no exceptions.