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Have a Merry Cellblock Christmas!!!

Jeremy and Codey would like to wish all you hockey fanatics a very, very Merry Christmas.. and a Happy Festivus to the rest of ya’s.

Many thanks are in order (…what?  We didn’t do it for thanksgiving…)

  • Garrett Bartley and Paul Nicholson
  • Julie Moore and the team at Dolphini
  • Mitch Canter and Studio Nashvegas
  • Kent Harris and Darrin Wright
  • Lynn Gover and Brooke Holland
  • Mark Hollingsworth and the rest of Cellblock 303
  • The Nashville blog community (Felder, Buddy, Mark, etc)
  • The Nashville tweetup crew (PredFans)
  • Taylor Swift, ESPN, and Yahoo! Sports
  • The Nashville Predators Front Office Staff (Perez, Darling, Gray, etc)
  • and so many many more….

It’s been a fun road getting the site back up and running.. some bumps along the way, but we’re glad to be here bringing you our take on all things Nashville Predators hockey.

So from the Holland’s.. the Gover’s.. and all others in Cellblock 303.  Merry Christmas to all, and THE RED WINGS SUCK!

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