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LIVE FROM LA: Draft gearing up to be one for the ages…

Apparently drama is contagious.

Just a few miles away from Staples Center is Hollywood, California and when you’re this close to the drama capitol of the world, it rubs off.

Since I’ve walked into the building, I’ve heard everything from the Anaheim Ducks will take Jeff Skinner – and not local kid Emerson Etem – with the 12th overall pick to Edmonton is trying to acquire Boston’s number two overall selection without giving up the number one choice. So, basically what we have here is a team settling the Taylor Hall vs. Tyler Seguin debate by acquiring both.

Yeah… the pre-draft festivities have been that crazy.

The Nashville Predators aren’t immune to the chaos either, however. I’ve talked to at least seven different hockey writers who did a mock draft and not one of them had the same player going to Music City. So, while I still stand firm with the rest of Pred Nation that they need to draft a forward, it’s a total crap shoot as far as what the experts foresee.

One thing I have heard a lot of though is how deep the Predators system is. How Blake Geoffrion might be able to bypass the AHL altogether. How Colin Wilson is a star in the making. How Ryan Ellis should be a powerplay stud for years to come. The future is bright for Nashville.

And, believe it or not, the future is about to get even brighter in about 90 minutes…

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