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QUICK POLL: Should Preds go get Bergfors from Atlanta?

Kevin Allen of USA Today is reporting that the Atlanta Thrashers “won’t get a player back when they deal Niclas Bergfors.” He goes on to say that they’re likely to get a draft pick or a prospect.

So here’s the question: Niclas Bergfors, 23, is a former first round pick (New Jersey, 2005), is currently eighth on the Thrashers in scoring (7 goals, 11 assists, 18 points) and tallied 21 goals between two offensively challenged teams last year. If brought in, his 18 points would immediately tie him with Cal O’Reilly for second on the Predators and his 21 goals last season would’ve tied him for second in that category as well.

It’s no secret the Preds need some scoring help. Whether it be because they’ve scored the least amount of goals in the Western Conference (85), because they’re currently decimated by injuries to their top forwards or because they haven’t scored more than one goal in any one game since December 17, wouldn’t it behoove General Manager David Poile to bring in a guy like Bergfors? Especially considering the price of just a draft pick or a prospect? The 23-year old Swede is making less than $1 million this year and he becomes a restricted free agent at the end of the season. If he doesn’t work out, no harm no foul, really.

The question remains though: why is he on the trade block already? Is it an attitude issue? Is he too offensive minded? Is it purely a “his contract is expiring” thing? Typically, with players that would be rentals, their clubs like to get the most out of them before they ship them out at the trade deadline. While that still may be the case in Atlanta, you have to admit, it’s pretty early to be hearing active trade rumors surrounding a player.

So, is this the “finisher” the Predators have been looking for? Yes, he’s not a true “finisher” but, let’s face it, on this team, he’d be as close as it gets. What do you say Nashville? From what you’ve seen of him, what you’ve heard and what you’ve read here, should the Preds go out and get Niclas Bergfors?

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