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QUICK POLL: Will Patric Hornqvist get to 25 goals?

Nashville Predators forward Patric Hornqvist was given a three-year, $3.1 million contract in the off-season thanks to his 30 goal campaign a year ago. The Predators had finally found their goal scorer.

So where is he now?

He may be their leading goal scorer in 2010-11, but that doesn’t mean he’s scoring goals. Hornqvist has just two in his last 18 games and 17 overall. Nashville needs him to play his role. Only the Florida Panthers have scored less goals than the Predators, and they’re in the Eastern Conference. And only the Western Conference leading Vancouver Canucks have allowed fewer goals. Pekka Rinne and the defense cannot win gamesAnd there are 18 games remaining in the regular season. Can he get to 25?

He did have a 15-game stretch where he bagged nine goals earlier this season. He even had 15 goals in a 20 game stretch last season. Can the man they call “Horn Dog” rekindle that same fire power?

What do you think Preds fans? Does Hornqvist get 25 goals come April 10?