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Say it ain't so Sully…

While normally I love seeing a situation play out between a GM and player, this one just takes the wind out of my sails.

During the Thom Abraham Show on SportsRadio 560AM WNSR, David Poile and Abraham were discussing the UFAs and obviously the future of Steve Sullivan in Nashville.  While most of Pred Nation is hanging on every word that GM Poile has to say, so was the Timmins Tornado himself, Steve Sullivan.

Our good friend Dirk Hoag (Forechecker) at On the Forecheck has written up a great analysis on the situation.

Looks like previous 303:30 guest Greg “Puck Daddy” Wyshynski has also picked up on this article, news travels fast!

(Photo by Mike Stobe /Getty Images)

UPDATE (7/1 – 9:19AM): Paul McCann at HockeyBuzz is reporting this morning that things between Sully and Poile are at least on level ground.  I think a clueless agent is to blame.