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The 303:30 – Tootoo, UFA’s and the NHL Network

In this episode, Jeremy and Codey (along with guest co-host Rachel from chatted with Julie Robenhymer from HockeyBuzz as well as held a roundtable discussion with Matt Reitz of and Dani Muccio of about the NHL Network’s severe lack of creative programming during the off-season.

Topics this week include the future of Jordin Tootoo in Nashville, free agency and possible conference and division re-alignment.

As always, the podcast is available via iTunes for subscription.

Music: Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes), Salute Your Salution (The Racontuers), Fa All Y’all (Da Brat), Ladies Night (Kool & the Gang), 1-2-3-4 Sumpin’ New (Coolio), East Coast/West Coast Killa (Group Therapy), Why I Am (Dave Matthews Band)
Staff: Kent Harris (voice over)