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Diamond Jaxx Host Predators night

On June 18th, the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx hosted the Montgomery Biscuits.  What’s important is that this was Nashville Predators Day at Pringles Park.

Appearances were made by Gnash, Smash, and the huge Predators blow-up in front of the gate.


Be sure to click on Gnash for the few photos we took at the event.

Overall, I have very favorable opinions about Pringles Park.  The facilities are fantastic (much unlike Greer Stadium), I even noticed some Predators gear in the Pro Shop. There is a baseball complex in the same vicinity that I’m told is used for ‘travel ball’ as well as local spring leagues.  Jackson has a product to be very proud of with Pringles Park.

Oh, and the Diamond Jaxx won 7-2.  I’m officially undefeated when in attendance at a Jaxx game.

Chant of the night (I had to throw some 303 flavor in there), “Breakfast is over, throw the Biscuits out.”