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There’s Something about the Green Ones…

Vancouver may have had the two mysterious guys dressed in all green, taunting Shea Weber in the penalty box… but Smashville has something even better, The GreenLady.

Thanks to GreenLady’s PR manager, I was able to get a couple of questions approved for comment:

Is there something about the green ones?

Green is such an inspirational color, you know? And slimming (or not.) I was gifted with polkadots on the megatron yesterday and I felt that look was just okay. I also convinced a small child that my real skin was green and changed colors with magic and she believed me until she saw me take my green head off. Trauma!

Where is the love for the Green people? Blue man Group, Smurfs, Avatar… Where’s the green love?

At sporting events all over the country apparently. But there’s enough greenperson love to go around, amirite? Some of us are just born with a little more sass than others (Looking at you, Vancouver.)

Who would be your ultimate target be to do.. what it is you do.. at the penalty box?

A greenlady never tells!

Were the Green Giant and Sprout your idols growing up?

The Jolly Green Giant is the stuff of nightmares, for real.

So, there you have it.  Our first glimpse into the mystery that is GreenLady.  Rumor has it that she’s debating additional appearances at Predators games this season, but I couldn’t get confirmation.

(Photo:  Paul Nicholson)