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It was one year ago today…

The well-documented history of the Cellblock shows that the tradition of chants and hilarity started in 1998, and maybe even before.  Today’s a different celebration, the re-launch of the one year ago.  When Mark Hollingsworth handed to Jeremy K. Gover, who knew that Jeremy would get engaged, buy a house, and get married all within less than a year?  As a result, the domain expired, and the online presence of the Cellblock was lost… or so we thought.

Codey Holland joined the madness in the Cellblock towards the end of the 2007-2008 season.  What started with off-chance tickets turned into a “Pick 6” pack, and the next season turned Codey into a full-season ticket holder along with his wife Brooke.  Each time Codey sat in 303, he asked Jeremy about the online presence, seeing it on the banner watching over the section.  Considering Jeremy’s packed schedule, the website was high on the want list but low on the need list.  Over the winter of 2008 and into the new year of 2009, Codey began researching who owned,, as well as other variations of the website.  A temporary placeholder of and were thrown up in order to have some kind of site for the Cell Block.  A breakthrough occurred when after multiple inquires the owner of offered to sell the domain back to its rightful owners.  Although not cheap, was back in business.

The sale of the domain got the gears turning.  Garrett Bartley and Paul Nicholson of PredFans/ReTweetBot fame stepped up to offer hosting.  Garrett even set up the WordPress install so that site wouldn’t be all raw-HTML programming.  And then, with inspiration from Paul Nicholson’s post, the Cellblock’s first post gave thanks to sponsors that help keep the lights on and the ice cold for the Nashville Predators.

Since that time, the site has grown, changed hosts, dealt with technical glitches, and been one of the most enjoyable things that Jeremy and Codey have embarked on.  There have been some great moments in Nashville since the re-launch: Thumping Detroit 8-0 in Cal O’Reilly’s first NHL game, Taylor Swift introducing the 3rd Jersey (and being the site to break it!), Jason Arnott’s 1,000th game, meetups, tweetups, and even an On Tour stop to St. Louis.  To say it’s been a fun ride would even be an understatement.

Not to use a cliche, but it’s everyone that reads the site, comments on Twitter, listens to the podcast, and greets us at the game that makes this worth it.  We sincerely appreciate everything that you have done, regardless of how small, to help us grow and make this site better.


Codey Holland, Jeremy K. Gover  and the rest of Cell Block 303.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about some kind of party to celebrate this?  We’ve got you covered!