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Welcoming a new friend: the new Cell Block sign…

This past Tuesday night, you may remember a shot of Cell Block 303 — without the Cell Block banner — on the jumbotron. Apparently a parent, while trying to corral their child, ripped down the sign that has hung behind section 303 for 12 years. Luckily, the folks at Wingate Media came to the rescue.

Okay… that’s not entirely true.

While it is true that a parent did rip down the sign on Tuesday night, and it is true that Wingate Media did rush us a new sign, the plan was already in place a couple weeks before tonight. The sign being ripped down was pure coincedence.

Albiet a perfectly timed one.

For those who can’t be at the game tonight, here’s the new sign, courtesy of Wingate Media, that now hangs high above the Cell Block.

We should note here that, for those inside Bridgestone Arena, the sign WILL be hung higher going forward. Since we got the sign in so close to game time, we were forced to use the old sign’s placement hooks. So yes, it will be higher (and streched out) in the future.

Thank you for all the encourging comments and support on this project by the way. Sometimes, when you retire something that’s been a staple for so long, it’s hard to let it go. Luckily, we don’t have to! The “retired” sign will be at 303 events in the future.