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What we learned in 2010…

Now that 2011 is finally here, I figured we should take a look back at 2010. But then I thought, everybody’s doing a “Year In Review” type of blog (Chris Burton has written a really good one, by the way). So, to make it interesting, I decided to take the angle of “what we learned.” I hope you enjoy it.

What we learned in 2010…

* In January, we learned that John Carlson scored one of the most important (and exciting) goals in USA Hockey history.
* In February, we learned that it is, in fact, possible to put a puck through a net.
* In March, we learned that kids in non-traditional hockey markets everywhere have hope.
* In April, we learned just how close the Predators were to a long playoff run.
* In May, we learned that a blog can start a movement.
* In June, we learned dreams do come true.
* In July, we learned that General Manager David Poile is willing to pay for a free agent.
* In August, we learned that the Nashville organization was headed in the right direction.
* In September, we learned the 2009 first round pick Ryan Ellis is flat out too good to still be playing in major junior. But that he’d be headed back there anyway.
* In October, we learned this team can be one of the best in the West.
* In November, we learned that even when you can score goals, you need to stop the other team from scoring too.
* In December, we learned why the Predators brass loved this Anders Lindback kid so much coming into the season.

Special thanks to Chris Burton of, Jim Diamond of The Examiner and Amanda DiPaolo of for their work that I’ve linked here.