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Predators Pro Shop: Clueless or Clued In?

Casual fans buy a t-shirt, and the foam Gnash fangs for the kids. Committed fans get a customized shirt or jersey with the team captain or popular fan favorites.  Hardcore fans customize a jersey with a hot prospect’s name, before the player appears in their first NHL game (right Jeremy?).  Regardless of your level of commitment, all of these can be found at the Pro Shop inside Bridgestone Arena.

As the 09-10 season drew towards a close, I spent what seemed like an eternity talking to Pro Shop staff about how they chose their items, what they’re able to get, not able to get, and so on.  It was an interesting conversation and one that revealed a similar theme from the front office,  “Do more with less.” Items that were purchased left much to be desired, and even a tilted head or two trying to determine who signed off on the purchases.

Nashville Predators fans are well aware that the 2010-11 season has brought about a whirlwind of change.  New faces have stepped up as leaders on the ice, new leadership has given a revived drive in the front office.  As a result, drastic changes have also occurred in the Pro Shop.  Season Ticket Holders may notice that on even a weekly basis, the Pro Shop has been rearranged to determine the best placement for items.  New Arrivals have a prominent spot as you walk in the entrance, and fan requests are taken seriously.

Initially, I sat down in August to write this blog post, praising the pro shop and giving my views on the changes that have occurred… but I’ve changed how I’m approaching it.  In the comments, I want to hear your thoughts on the Nashville Predators Pro Shop.  Do you feel they’ve improved this season?  Do you think they listened to initiatives like last year’s “No Pink in the Rink”, as well as my push for Big and Tall merchandise?  Let me know, and I’ll be glad to forward your concerns onto the Predators staff if you wish!


  1. E-Beth

    February 11, 2011 at 3:45 am

    Personally, as a girl, I would love to see more women’s apparel. The section for women is tiny and has only plain jerseys, tshirts that are barely recognizable as Preds and must have glitter on them or they aren’t girly enough for a woman (note the sarcasm), there are no third jerseys or player shirts. I’m pretty tired of having to buy little boy’s extra larges or men’s smalls just to get some descent Preds gear.

  2. Brettmeeks1

    February 11, 2011 at 7:46 am

    Well, they have been low on patches for the jersey I have been wanting to customizing for 2 months now, but it is still praiseworthy!

  3. Sethwright

    February 11, 2011 at 10:35 am

    I’ve been pleased with the increased variety of items in the pro shop this year. I have been noticing a trend in the shop lately that makes me wonder if we’re getting a preview of the rumored uniform and team color changes. Has anyone else noticed an influx of Titans blue on some of the new merchandise? It seems like most of the new stuff is getting rid of yellow and adding that light blue, which, by the way, looks a little too similar to the Blue Jackets’ new look for my tastes.

  4. Dandbradley

    February 11, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Not enough items with the new logo, and the folks in the pro shop aren’t in denial about the uniform update… they’re OBLIVIOUS.
    I agree about the women’s apparel. Very close to half of the fanbase is female.
    But as someone else pointed out, we have Marek Svatos gear… but no Nick Spaling.

  5. Kiltimar

    February 11, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    If you’ve ever been to a Pro Shop in another city you realize just how lacking our Pro Shop is. It needs to be expanded out onto the concourse for one. As size goes, it’s probably the smallest in the league and I feel like a sardine when I’m in it.

    Sure, there’s the usual T-shirts caps and jerseys, but most items seem incredibly unimaginative. I’m also tired of them only carrying certain sizes (large and huge). I’d probably be thrilled if I was some big fat guy wanting a jersey, but I’m not. I’m a female and I would appreciate having some items that will actually fit me. I can’t even look in the scant women’s sizes because they’re all petites. It’s as if the Pro Shop has us stereotyped into body sizes.

    I waited two months to buy snow gloves because they didn’t have size small. Finally I relented and bought a medium. Too big, but workable I guess. A friend of mine would like a Preds coffee mug, but the single style available is beyond boring.

    In summary, they need to expand the space, have more sizes available and be more imaginative with their offerings that aren’t of the clothing variety.

  6. Burrito

    February 11, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    The skull logo is the coolest thing the merch people have ever come up with. I know the NHL doesn’t like it (which baffles me) but it is far superior to the monstrosity that is our main logo. I think more should be done with it from a t-shirt perspective. I wish they would allow us to use it as a crest. I mean, the storyline alone is awesome.

    I spend lots of time in Denver. The Pepsi Center should be studied and learned from. The “do more with less” philosophy is also a pretty consistant theme with that franchise, yet the fans seem pretty happy (and spending.) Also, (listen up) THEY WEAR THEIR THIRDS MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK!

    Having said that I hope we beat the pants off the Av’s tomorrow night. I’ll be the poor guy whose girls are all decked out in maroon.

  7. Woody619

    February 12, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    The Pro Shop is so compact. Sure there are kiosks and another little shop in the arena, but if we had more space, I think they could grant anyone’s request. Personally, I find the selection to be basic with a few cool novelty items. I find their children’s and ladies section to be too small considering the amount of ladies and kids I see at games.

    If the pro shop could be expanded, it would greatly help.

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